COVID-19 Announcements

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Online Meetings

Schedule of local meetings online:(More will be added)

Sundays Easy Does It Balmoral 7:30 PM

Monday Happy Hour Group 5:15 PM

Monday Nite Men’s Group 7:30 PM

Monday Night All Inclusive 7:30 PM

Thursdays Ladies 12 step meeting 7:00 PM

Red Deer AA Noon Group Monday- Saturday 12:00 PM

How to set up your own meeting

To use ZOOM: (available through New York Intergroup)

To use Google Hangouts (users and organizer must have a free google account) 10 person limit

Current Meetings still open None (this could change at any time)

*If you want anything added on here for your group it is your responsibility to contact Central Office and we will update your groups info (i.e. online meeting, still open, etc.)

Thank you stay safe

Phone 587 377 1117 or Email:

*There are speaker meetings available online and a list of online meetings found on the internet too.

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