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Roll of month coins
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per roll
1st Things 1st - Easy Does It 1 year Medallion $6.95
1 Year to 60 Years$4.95
10 Year - Red/White Blue on Silver$17.00
15 Year - Red/White Blue On Gold$17.00
20 Year - Red/White On Gold$17.00
25 Year - White On Gold$22.00
30 Year - Green/White On Silver$22.00
35 Year - Green/White On Gold$25.00
40 Year - Red/White On Silver$25.00
45 Year - Royal Blue On Silver$25.00
50 Year - Blue/White On Gold$25.00
50 year - Purple/Pink on Silver$15.00
Bronze - Bill And Bob$6.00
Bronze Between Years$6.00
Bronze Oval Medallion (engravable on back)$8.95
Mauve/Pink Oval Enameled Medallion (engravable on back)$10.50
Shaped - 1,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50 Years$9.00
Silver Oval Medallion (engravable on back)$8.95
Special Mauve/White On Silver$25.00

*special order takes 2-3 weeks


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19" X 29" Placards$18.00
3D AA Logo Pendant$20.00
16 Inch Chain Sterling Silver$20.00
18 Inch Chain Stainless Steel With Extension$10.00
2022 One Day At A Time Calendar$14.99
AA Pamphlet Display Rack$40.00
AA Sign$11.00
AA Vinyl Hanging Poster Set - The Twelve Steps - The Twelve Traditions. A vinyl poster set with hanging hardware included at no additional cost. Product Size: 3' x 5' IMPORTANT: This set of vinyl posters are considered to be NON-RETRACTABLE, but can be rolled up by hand for storage$99.00
Bookmarks (acceptance, serenity, 3rd step prayer, to thine ownself)$2.00
Greeting Cards (serenity, st. francis, sponsor, sunlight, happy free joyous)$3.95
Greeting Pen - Rotating Message Pen$4.95 Ea
Hard Stock Laminated *New Preamble Card$2.95
Heavy Stock 12 Steps and Traditions - The 12 Steps - 22" x 34" The 12 Traditions - 22" x 35" $40.00
Heavy Stock On The Beam-Off The Beam - 17" X 22"$19.00
Heavy Stock Preamble - 17.5" x 22.5" $19.00
Heavy Stock Promises - 17" X 22"$19.00
Heavy Stock Slogan Set - Size: 8 1/2" x 11" Heavy Stock Paper includes 5 of the A.A. Slogans
Includes: Live and Let Live, But for the Grace of God, First Things First, Easy Does It, and Think...Think...Think
Laminated A.A. 12 Traditions 8x11$5.00
Laminated A.A. How it Works 8x11$5.00
Laminated A.A. Preamble 8x11$5.00
License Plate Holder "Easy Does It"$28.00
License Plate Holder "Happy, Joyous, and Free "$28.00
Pocket Edition BB Cover - holds mini BB and mini 12x12 (black, brown, green, navy, pink, purple, red)$36.00
Recovery Topics (optional group name engraved on back- at no charge)$39.00
Serenity Prayer Box Medallion Holder$24.00
Serenity Prayer Bracelet$21.00Serenity Prayer Bracelet
Single Big Book Cover (black, brown, burgundy, green, navy, pink, purple, red)$39.00
Slogan Magnets$9.00
The Little Big Book Prayer Book$7.00
The Little Big Book Quote Book$11.00
Travel Mugs$12.00
Wooden Serenity Prayer Sign$18.00